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September 18 2014


It’s impossible to ignore the trend: the world is rapidly moving away from cash transactions in favor of credit and digital payment systems. Credit cards are no longer an option – they are a necessity. This is particularly true when ordering online. For people with no credit, or those who need to rebuild their credit from scratch, we’ve found that the Horizon Gold credit card offers a solid option.


Establishing Credit


Bad credit will cripple you financially, especially in today’s world. Despite all of the television commercials that are impossible to avoid, the only real way to repair a bad credit rating is to create a new record of responsible credit usage. This requires opening new accounts and maintaining them with no late payments.


Of course, getting new accounts is difficult to do if you already have poor credit. Fortunately, there are credit cards for people with bad credit. As you’d probably expect, these accounts don’t offer preferred terms and interest rates. But that’s not the most important consideration if you need to rebuild your reputation with lenders. The key point is these cards give you an opportunity to rebuild your credit, by providing you with an account you can use to prove your responsibility when the big banks won’t.


The Horizon Gold Card


The Horizon Gold card is unique in that it is specifically designed to help you obtain a credit card when you’ve had financial issues in the past. Horizon Card Services is not only accommodating, but helpful, for two reasons.


  1. They’ll issue you an unsecured account – unlike many competitors, they don’t require you to deposit money into an account in order to spend it.


  1. They’ll report your handling of the new account directly to credit reporting agencies. That means your credit score will begin to improve, as you build up a history of on-time payments and responsible usage. This will then put you in position to then apply for, and receive, more credit cards.


What's the catch?  Since Horizon is not going to take on all the risk of offering you this card without restrictions. For example, you can only use the card at certain online locations, and you must pay a small monthly fee to maintain the Horizon Gold card. We feel that’s a small price to pay for a good credit rating.


It also goes without saying that you need to make your monthly payments on time. The best way to use a card like this is to spend a bit one month, pay it off, wait a few months, spend a bit more and pay it off, and so on. This will help your credit rating by creating a history of clear usage of the card and repayment of the full debt. This evidence tells other credit companies you can be relied on to repay your obligations.


Even if you are just looking for credit cards for people with no credit at all, Horizon Gold accounts help you establish a positive credit history. It’s one of the few cards available specifically for this purpose.


Guaranteed Credit Card Approval


Can a company really issue obtain credit cards for “no credit history” applicants? Yes, and this is one of the best characteristics of the Horizon Gold card. They guarantee applicants will be approved for a gold card with a credit line of not less than $500, as long as they:


  • Are 18 years of age or older

  • Are a legal resident of the United States

  • Provide accurate identity verification such as a driver's license.


What makes this such a good solution is that credit scores are not taken into consideration. Unlike other credit cards for people with bad credit, Horizon understands many people need help getting back on their feet (from a credit perspective), so they take a more relaxed approach to application approval. The approval process is so flexible that there isn't even an employment check. Try to imagine applying for an American Express card with no job.


Are Horizon Gold accounts good credit cards for low credit individuals? We believe they are, and feel they’re a good place to start for anyone looking to obtain a credit card with bad credit.

Apply For Your Horizon Gold Credit Card NOW



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